Postkort fra Telemark; Skien. Turnhallen.

Postcard from Telemark; Skien. The Gymnasts' Hall.

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Bilde av Odds turnhall i Skien
Utgiver: J. H. Küenholdt

Odds turnhall på Marensro. I dag er det en religiøs menighet som bruker bygget til forsamlingsformål.

(Explanatory note: "Odd" is a boy's name in Norway; it is also the denomination of the point of an arrow head. It is furhter the name of a sportsclub in Skien. To confuse you even more, "Even" is also a boy's name in Norway, but has no relevance here. Thus, it is possible to name your son "Odd Even" in Norway, without anyone raising an eyebrow, but I understand that this is very amusing for our American friends.)

Odd's gymnastic hall in the city district Marensro. Today it is a religious group that uses the hall for meetings.